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What can you learn from the co-founder of Google?
Larry Page
Larry Page
The 10 best quotes from Larry Page that will boost your business on the Internet
The Story Of How Larry Page Got Forced From The Top Of Google And Came Back A Decade Later
Larry page
Larry page

Lawrence Edward Page was born on March 26, 1973 to change our lives forever, although he didn’t quite know it at the time.

Surrounded by computers, gadgets, technology, and magazines, Page learned to talk about the same time he was attracted to

technology; largely due to his parents, both computer science and Artificial Intelligence programming professors at the

The University of Michigan, who promoted his creativity and innovation.

Today little remains of the Young man who at only 12 broke into when he finished Reading the biography his childhood idol:

physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla; except for one thing: his passion for business. And he admits that:

“At 12 I knew that I would eventually start a company”.

13 years later, in September 1998, he was working in a Silicon Valley garage with his colleague from Stanford University and future partner, Sergey Brin, on something that would change the business world: the Google Search Engine—previously called BackRub—, whose name comes from “Gúgol“, which is nothing more than a mathematical expression of the number one followed by a series of zeros, which reflects Larry and Sergey’s goal of organizing a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

Thus started the company which leads the Alphabet empire, a macro company founded in 2015 that he is also the CEO of and it includes the Google giant and all his other creations and acquisitions like Android, Chrome, Google+ and YouTube.

Larry page
Larry page

just recently Larry Page had been named the best CEO in America and Google was named the most valuable brand in the world, ahead of Apple. For some details, Google is valued at 45,000 million dollars and employs more than 20,000 people.

On another note, his assets are calculated to be over 38,000 billion dollars, he was named as the by the magazine Research and Development as the Inventor of the Year and in 2004 he was elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Currently, Larry Page combines his position as Google CEO with the conferences he gives at the World Economic Forum and The Wall Street Journal’s Technology Summit.

It’s from these events that we’ve collected his 10 most inspirational quotes and they’re real lessons on optimism for those, who like you, are wanting to take their business to the next level.


10 inspirational lessons from Larry Page, Google CEO, that will change the course of your business

1.‘You don’t need a company with 100 people to develop this idea’.

2.‘Our goal is basically to take the largest amount of information and make it accessible and useful’.

3.‘When we began the searches, they all told us: boys, it’s going to fail, there are already 5 search engines. We
replied: we’re a search engine company, but we’re doing something different’.

4.‘Treat people with respect and they’ll return the favor to your company’.

5.‘If you are changing the world, you’re working on important things’.

6.‘It’s important for a company to be a family: that people feel as if they’re part of the company and the company is like a family to them’.

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7.‘It’s not necessary to go to school to launch a business. I read a whole shelf of business books and that was basically all I needed’.

8.‘I know it seems like the world is falling apart but in all actuality, it’s a great point in your life to get a little crazy. Follow your curiosity and be ambitious with it. Don’t abandon your dreams. The world needs you!’.

9.‘We won’t be able to survive if people don’t trust us’.

10.‘What’s the sentence that sums up how to change the world? Always work on something uncomfortably exciting!’

Everyone knows the Steve Jobs story – how he was fired from the company he founded, Apple, only to return from exile decades later to save the business.

What’s less well understood is that Apple’s board and investors were absolutely right to fire Jobs. Early in his career, he was petulant, mean, and destructive. Only by leaving Apple, humbling himself, and finding a second success – with Pixar – was he able to mature into the leader who would return to Apple and build it into the world’s most valuable company.

Larry Page is the Steve Jobs of Google.

Like Jobs, Page has a co-founder, Sergey Brin, but Page has always been his company’s true visionary and driving force. And just as Apple’s investors threw Jobs out of his company, Google’s investors ignored Page’s wishes and forced him hire a CEO to be adult supervision.

Larry Page
Larry Page

Both then underwent a long period in the wilderness. Steve Jobs’ banishment was more severe, but Page also spent years at a remove from the day-to-day world of Google.

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As with Jobs, it was only through this long exile that Page was able to mature into a self-awareness of his strengths and weaknesses.

Then, like Jobs, Page came back with wild ambitions and new resolve.

Next Post – Everyone knows the Steve Jobs story – how he was fired from the company he founded, Apple, only to return from exile decades later to save the business.

Larry Page is the Steve Jobs of Google.

Larry Page is the Steve Jobs of Google.


How Larry Page Inspired From Nikola Tesla at age 12 so he decides to start a company.

Larry Page
Larry Page

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