How can I become a millionaire in 7 years?

  • Develop a written financial plan.
  • Save, save, save.
  • Live below your means.
  • Lay off the credit.
  • Make your money work for you.
  • Start your own business.
  • Get professional advice.
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Be a millionaire in 3–7 years.
1 – According to = Sedrick Giddings, works at Self-Employment

Start your own business, this is how most self-made millionaires made their money. This is how I did it.

You do not need a great idea
You do not need your own money
There is lots of free help (free mentors and counselors) and free or cheap classes
You just have to know how. I didn’t until I read One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business, Even If You Have No Money Or Experience. This

the book gave the information on how to make myself a millionaire and I did it.I thought I had to save enough money, so I was going nowhere for years. But the book

explained how I could get investors for a small piece of my company, and how I should start off with a plan on how to make $300,000 to $400,000 net profit a year after

my salary. That is another thing, I paid my own salary right out of the money I raised, so I was able to live as I grew my business.

You can do it too. Good Luck!

2- According to = Jeff Hronchek, Private Chauffeur (2012-present)

Millionaire in 7 years? Easy. Start 10 years ago.

I’m only half kidding on that answer. The fact is many people who become millionaires in their 20’s or, in rare cases, their late teens, do so because they had a very

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different starting point than most of us do. Most of us have not only been left UN-educated in the world of finance and business, but we have actually been WRONGLY-

educated learning myths and misinformation that causes certain failure. So it may take quite a while to get to the starting line from which you can become a

millionaire within 7 years.

If you’ve already reached that starting line, you’re probably not asking this question on Quora. So I’m going to assume the foundation isn’t there yet.

In brief, there are lots of ways to do it. They all require an understanding of money, of what motivates people, of planning and organizing, and of how to be

persuasive, which most people aren’t trained to do in their regular education.

My preferred method of growing wealth is a business. So I would do it by coming up with an idea and writing a killer business plan that relies on me as an industry

expert, then shops for an experienced startup entrepreneur or team who would like to treat the business as their own. Then I give them a majority stake and get back to

work writing a different plan for a different idea. Keep repeating and one of them will get traction and take off because people much smarter than myself with their

own money to invest has a majority stake in their own company. Meanwhile, I am keeping back 5%–25% ownership in every full-scale business plan I write.

Lots of trial and error involved in this one as your plan is rejected time and time again, then you figure out why, improve your understanding through more research,

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and try again with the same or different plan. But once you know enough to get the first one to get bought (and know how to contract it so that you’re not screwed out

of the idea by letting it get stolen or copied), then it gets easy. You can quickly own small pieces of multiple companies cranking out 2–3 good quality plans per


Getting to that level, though, is what I call getting to the starting line. If you’re not there, you have to get there, then you can become a millionaire in 7 years(or less).

3. According to = Herberth Husk, Law School Dropout

Start a business.

Create a tech company. Create an online e-commerce website. Franchise your business model. Or anything that can scale.

I did not read the other answers but I assume most of them are telling you to wake up at 5 am, read books or exercise regularly.

Because that’s what all billionaires do blah blah blah….

They are all b*llshit.

Customers do not care what you do in your personal life. They only care about what you can do for them.

So start a business, test the market, fail and repeat.

Hope you hit something and you start making money.

You will be driving a Lambo in 7 years.

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According To Me:-

There is no possibility to Not Become a millionaire.
There is a luck who work when you do hard-work and Time arrangement and when time arrangement and hard-work meet then your luck shine like the sunshine and you stand up there is no buddy stand.
When only Luck Work and not your hard-work and not your dedication to the you stood up already where nobody can Stand.
so please note up every second your life every movement your life and even note your dreams because dreams are the first success in your life because without dreams you
can not think about your idea and your work and if you have no dreams it means you have no destination to reach your goal.

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What can you learn from the co-founder of Google? Larry Page

Now day’s kids Learn to use google even before they can talk.
And it’s the fault this man, who clearly knew since childhood that “he wanted

to invent things”, that the business world is how it is today.

Without going any further, he’s simplified the task for use, revolutionized the

The Internet and completely transformed our lives in order to make it much easier,

fun and entertaining.

So this is Larry Page, the American businessman who alongside Sergey Brin

founded what has been converted into one of the largest empires of all time:

the technology giant, Google.

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