About Me

I believe that the only way to create a special brand in this world, is to create something unique to achieve the excellence in everything I want to do in a world that become full of duplication, maybe it will be hard, but it is possible that is why I started Readmyhelp.com. To connect deeply with people.and create a content that worth to share with them, and help them solve their problems, and improve their life as well, also to visualize a better future.

I enjoy writing in order to offer some realistic tips for people‘s life, moreover I believe that investing in people, is more important than anything else.by researching and collecting information, in order to transform it into useful knowledge to offer it in a simple and easy way to my audience. My biggest goal is to make my blog global, by creating a useful knowledge and tips for life that will reach out everyone in everywhere in the world.

My name is Pulkit Khandelwal and I Live in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

I am 21 Years old.

Email: -Readmyhelp@gmail.com