How do you know whether you have chosen the right partner or the wrong?

A healthy relationship is the one who does not have to struggle to walk & partner. If you are going to perform a lot of effort to cope with it, then it is better to say goodbye
times. But if there is some connection between you, then the relationship will be successful. All should try.


Some people say that he had already realized from the moment that he had chosen his partner, he was right for him. But for me and many people like us, the
journey is not so easy, we have to work hard for a happy life.

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Maybe there is unintended love between us but we can not really be in front of our partner. From the above, maybe all looks normal. Perhaps our goal in life is
similar to our choice and we come from a similar background, But when it comes to soliciting one another, then the story is different because perhaps it is not
crazy anywhere.

  • In finding love, I think it’s important to be patient. In being in a relationship, I think it’s important to be honest, to communicate, to respect and trust, and to strive to give more than you take.
    Kina Grannis

How can you know that for the relationship you are eager to do all your work, is it worth it or not? Love Matters asked Dr. Pappar Schwartz, a specialist in
human relations at the University of Washington. I distinguished professor told us some tips based on the research that we can help to understand that your
relationship with you and your partner is moving forward. Or not

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Love Matters: How can teens live happily in their relationship?

Dr. PS: In my opinion, the basis of any happiness is to be happy with myself and it is often difficult to be young in the state of youth. When you are young, you
often only pay attention to your shortcomings. But notice that there is a fault in you which is not in the other. It is only when a young man says to himself, ‘I am


Dr. P. S.: Friendly behavior is very effective; small things like ‘I love you’, say one another, praise them, tell them how beautiful and attractive they are, putting
their hands in their hands and not necessarily such a public place But only on. These small things can work to bring happiness in relationships.

Feel free to say to each other what I say to each other honestly, to get the sense of your heart honestly, and when the other person can understand your pointless
thing, it is very important.

Love Matters: Do you have any advice to keep relationships healthy?

Dr. PS; I believe that if things are running smoothly, then trying very much is like destroying time and energy. The relationship should not be such that you are
pushing it or dancing on someone else’s gestures at all times. Is it right? ? Is it wrong then? Where did I say something wrong? These questions are not a sign of
healthy relationships. Healthy relationship is that which can lead without difficulty, so it is called healthy.

So if anybody sees only weaknesses in you, or if you feel that the person does not make any difference to you, then it is the right reason to get out of the swamp. I
am entitled to be your partner, who is you Thinks like and feel proud to be in your life.

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People of some fate may have such boyfriends or girlfriends who show them true friends, to whom you can share everything in the heart and whose hearts you
never want to hurt. But if a person does something without care about you then Is not your friend at all

Before taking any step, it would be a good test to ask yourself, “Will I do this with my friend? Can my friend do this with me?” If this criterion can not come true
then there may be some deficiency in your relationship.

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