Do you know why the young men of Kolkata police wear white uniforms?

constable traffic police
constable traffic police

Whenever it is a matter of police uniform, our mind remembers the Khaki uniform. Even in our Hindustan, the police generally appear in the uniform of the Khaki color uniform.But there is no such place in our country. Yes, yes! The name of that place is Kolkata. In Kolkata, along with the police personnel, the officers wear white uniforms instead of khaki uniform. In India, Kolkata is the only city where the police wears white uniforms. After reading this, you have also raised this question in your mind about what is the reason behind it.

To know about the white uniform of the Kolkata Police, we have to turn the pages of history invert.

Its history is going on during the British rule in the year 1845, the Police of Kolkata was formed. The Colocata police has been compared to British Police Scotland Yard. In 1947, Hindustan got independence, but the Kolkata Police dress code The British marker is still in existence in the form of the British.

The British police have a very large scientific reason behind keeping uniforms of the uniforms of the British. The reason is that due to the close proximity of the sea, the climate of Kolkata is very different from other areas of India. It is not only summer, but it also remains moist in the atmosphere. This was the main reason behind choosing a white uniform.

But when it comes to the West Bengal police, the color of their uniform is dhaki. In 1861, the British established the Bengal Police. The functioning of the Kolkata Police and the Bengal Police is also very different. Senior officers of the Bengal Police direct their report to the state government, but there is no such obligation with the Kolkata Police….

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