These 12 Sex Tips for Romantic Life

These 12 Sex Tips for Romantic Life

Great Sex Tips
Great Sex Tips

Smart Sex Tips

Great Sex Tips
Great Sex Tips

1. Make your sex life a little spicy. Take some new trials away from the routine.

2. Wear sexy clothes to attract the partner. It enhances your sexual arousal.

3. The fragrance of Aroma candles helps you attract sex. Enjoy your bedroom with a pleasant smile.

4. Try that only once a year, husband and wife go out for 2-4 days. It revives your sex life again.

5. Do not forget to give the morning Kiss and Goodnight to your partner.

6. Romantic things play an important role in your relationship. Do not let your hands go hand in hand with your chance.

Great Sex Tips
Great Sex Tips

7. If both are working, then between the working hours, once the messages like I Love You or Miss You keep your adventures of sex life.

8. Know the partner’s hobbies, and occasionally give them surprise.

9. The gift does not make your partner happy, but instead of getting it unbinned, reach the office pick up or plan a surprise lunch.

10. Tell each other about your fantasies.

Great Sex Tips
Great Sex Tips

11. If you want to do something different then instead of Saturday night, Sunday morning will be the best time for your love.

12. Often women wait for men’s initiative. This time you can make them happy by taking the initiative

Try These Sex Booster Foods


This is a great source of vitamin C, which increases the sperm count in men. In addition, it keeps blood circulation in the heart and arteries smoothly. Eat strawberries in a dark chocolate and it enhances sexual arousal.

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Great Sex Tips
Great Sex Tips


Almonds rich in the properties of zinc, selenium and vitamin E works as sex boosters. While selenium keeps away the problem of infertility, zinc increases the hormones of sex and keeps vitamin E heart healthier.
Daily consumption of almonds strengthens sexual life as well as raises sexual life.


There are plenty of phytonutrients that increase the sexuality. It helps boost the lycopene and beta-carotene sex drive.

Sweet potato

Potassium-rich sweet potato is very helpful in controlling high blood pressure, which prevents men from the risk of erectile dysfunction. Beta carotene and vitamin A keep away from infertility.

White mole

Zinc-sized mole is the best sex booster food. It helps in increasing the testosterone and sperm production.

Sex Killer Foods

Avoid cheese, diet soda, soya, artificial sweeteners, fries and fatty foods, canned food etc.

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