Karva Chauth Special: Make Your Henna Color Darker than Household Remedies

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Karva Chauth Special

Most women like to apply henna. He mesmerizes different Functions. The most special moment of all these Functions is the day of karvaa chtha, when all the women do again whether they are Kewari or Suhagan Mehndi. Mehndi is a sign of good fortune for women.

Karva Chauth mehndi Special:

There is such a belief in India that the girl who makes a henna more deep in her hands gets more love from her in-laws and husband. Apart from this, people also believe that a deeply drawn Mehndi reflects your husband’s longevity. As you know, there are only a few days left for Karva Chauth to come. Because of this, the marvels of the markets are worth seeing in these days.

A few days before the festival, there is a huge clash of henna-beats in the markets. There are so many rituals in India that it is considered auspicious to apply henna. Apart from this, there are festivals such as marriages, Karavachoth and Teej which are considered mandatory to apply henna.

Mehndi does not like the hands until it is not deep. The color of the Mehndi is as deep as the Mehndi looks attractive, so today we have brought some simple home remedies for you, which by adopting you can make the color of the henna of your hands deeper, let us know the color of the henna How can you sit deeper than you

1. Do not wash with water – Do not wash mehndi with water –

Let us know that when you apply a henna in your hands, do not wash it with water because if you do so, the henna will also leave its color as well as clean. Apart from this, you can always use your handpiece to rubbing it with light hands or using butter knife. This will make your wardrobe look darker.

Mehendi Is Dark And Beautiful

2. Take steam of cloves –

To deepen the color of your henna, you can steam cloves. Let me tell you that when your henna gets dried, rubbing it with light hands, and then steam the clove with ten to fifteen minutes on the pan. This will make your henna color darker.

Mehendi Is Dark And Beautiful

3. Apply Vicks.

When you put a henna, leave it all night and rubbing it with a light hand the next morning. After this, put the vix on it to deepen the color. The warmth of the wicks will make the color of Mehndi darker.

Hindu women apply henna
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