9 ways to make Mehndi dark and beautiful

9 ways to make Mehndi dark and beautiful

Every bride is incomplete without the beautiful Mehndi design. As long as there is no henna in the hands and feet of the bride, her beauty is not seen. However, Mehndi is considered to be an important ritual in all kinds of functions. It is believed that if a girl has created a horoscope then she will get a very loving husband. So if you want to make your henna beautiful and dark, they know these things given below.

1 Put a henna in clear hands

Before applying henna, wash your hands thoroughly and clean them. If you have put any lotion or oil in your hands before applying henna, then washing it with soap will remove it.


2 Sugar and lemon mix

Everyone knows that after applying henna, after drying it, it becomes dark enough by applying sugar and lemon in it. Due to the stickiness of this paste, it does not let the hen drop out and your henna will remain dark for a long time.

Mehendi Is Dark And Beautiful

3 Add Mustard Oil

Take out mustard oil in your hands 30 minutes before removing henna. By applying mustard oil on palms, Mehndi leaves easily. Apart from this, it also darkens the henna.

Mehendi Is Dark And Beautiful

4 Never wash the henna with water

Many women wash hands with henna after applying henna. Do not do this, leaving the colour of the henna with its cleansing. The easiest way to get rid of Mehdi is to either apply your hands properly to each other or you can also take help of a butter knife. After this, if you look at your henna, then it will look dark orange. After this, you should not sweat on your hands, because as time goes on, the mehndi is as dark Will go.

Mehendi Is Dark And Beautiful

5 Stay away from the sun’s heat

While applying henna, avoid sitting in the sun. Because it will dry your henna early and make your henna lighter. To get a dark mehndi, we have to walk away from the sunlight and walk.

Mehendi Is Dark And Beautiful

6 Insert vicks

Put Mehndi in such a time that he is engaged in your hands throughout the night. After removing the henna, you should apply a vix or iodax on your hands. Due to the heat of these balm, it gives the Mehndi a dark color.

Mehendi Is Dark And Beautiful

7 wearing gloves

Due to heat, the color of Mehndi starts to be dark enough in the hands. But that does not mean that you sit in front of a hot device and sit down For this you should put Vix and iodax on your hands. After this, wearing gloves should fall asleep. By doing so, the heat starts to warm and the color of the henna starts to darken.

Hindu women apply henna

8 Do not wax and scrubbing

Waxing and scrubbing should be done before applying henna and not later. After applying a henna, scrub or wax, the color of the henna starts to soften with hands.

Hindu women apply henna

9 Stay away from water

If you want your henna to be dark enough then you should make a distance from the water. Yes, because the color of the Mehndi becomes light due to the falling water in the hands of the Mehndi. We know that there are many jobs in which water is needed. In this way, you can take help of your family and friends. Apart from this, you can do your work by wearing gloves. But keep in mind that these gloves are not worn for a long time, doing so results in excessive sweating in the hands, which may cause mehndi to be light.

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