Tips for Online Net Banking Security [100% Secure]

Tips for Online Net Banking Security

If there is a good way for us to buy a bank account online, we can ask you why we are going to visit the country and also visit the city.

To help us online banking, you will be able to access your online services at any of your local destinations.

8 Security Tips for Online Net Banking

# 1: Do not share your credentials

Aapke online banking passwords, ATM machine’s PIN number, credit card or debit card number and share credentials, and share it with me. Do not share any information with anyone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

# 2: Password Rules

When I try to change my password for a password,

Your password is from 6 to 12 seconds.
If you want to use this password, you can use it or use it.
Apply uppercase and lowercase letters
She has also asked for personal information, name of home, telephone number, etc. Password me shaamil na kare

# 3: Use Security Antivirus

When your computer is connected to a mobile phone internet connection, you are prohibited from using online stores. Your PC and your PC is a complete security antivirus software that allows you to remove anti-spam and anti-phishing jaisi technology for your device and data.

If you do not want to go to the website, you can use the online antivirus to check if you have any questions.

# 4: Install Security Patch

Windows and Mac operating systems have been advised to release the security updates, which will allow you to access the online system, and to help us with the help of our online program. You can also install or update your updates automatically.

We knew that WanaCry Ransomware was a virus that Windows also did not know about the patch, but it was for the first time ..

# 5: Security Practices

Even if you have been using online banking on a computer, you will be able to access the following points:

Use a trusted PC or mobile device instead.
I do not even want to go to a computer or mobile phone.
Use the online banking account to log out.
Use the updated version of the browser for online banking.
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# 6: Cache Clear

If you are using a public computer, you can clear the browser cache. This is the first time that you can not save your browser’s login credentials.

If you want to hacker, you can also hack an account that has a hacker account.

# 7: Email Fraud se Bache

Kayi online hackers send fake fraud emails to the bank, but you have a right to know about it. In order for users to access their personal information, such as bank account details, hackers are registered and are prohibited from sending them. If you can not reply to this email, please use the email address below.

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# 8: For Mobile / Email Notifications

Many online banking services have been issued as a result of your registered mobile number or an email confirmation. If you have a bank account, then you can continue trading transactions up to date and if there is no transaction for any transaction, then you will be able to get a loan from this bank.

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