Mehndi Herbs Which Heel Every Problems Of Life

Mehndi / henna


Mehndi Herbs

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Mehndi Herbs Which Heel Every Problems Of Life

Mehndi or henna is known for its medicinal properties. It has a cooling effect that aids in soothing stress, headaches, and fevers. Mehndi herb is also very beneficial for the growth of nails. So, Mehndi is applied to relieve the bride and groom of all the wedding stress. Mehndi also signifies the relation between the couple. It is said that if the color of Mehndi is dark red then the relationship will be deeply rooted and never lead to misunderstanding and filled with love and affection.

Mehndi is also an important part of other special cultural occasions, such as Karva Chauth, Diwali, and other Indian festivals. But as a tradition, Mehndi holds a deep-rooted cultural and social place in the weddings.

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Henna or Mehndi is also known for his medicinal properties. It was, in fact, Mehndi is one of the oldest forms of body art conceived by man. The Hindi and Arabic word Mehendi is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘mendhika’ which referred to the henna plant itself.

Reference to uses of henna can be traced back to the Bronze ages. In the bible, henna is referred to a Camphire. In and around the Indian subcontinent, henna has been used as a cosmetic even before Vedic ages.

India is considered as the source from where the body art traditions with henna spread to different parts of the world like Egypt, Asia Minor, and the Middle East. References of henna during the mummification process of Pharaohs as well as anecdotes of the famous queen Cleopatra using henna to paint her body are well-known in history.

Prophet Muhammad is known to use the henna paste to color his greying beard and was known to advocate use of henna to others as well. Use of henna is considered immensely auspicious in many traditions around the world, especially within Hindus, who would consider Mehndi part of the customary 16 adornments or Solah Shringaar.

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· Hair Colour: Although most people associate henna’s effect on the hair to dying its color, it actually plays a number of roles in that part of our body too. Henna has been proven to increase the strength of the hair and, therefore, represents a safe dye that doesn’t permanently affect the health of our follicles.

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· Hair Health: Henna helps improve hair health. It helps seal the hair cuticle, preventing breaking, and increasing the shine and appearance of the hair. It also prevents dandruff. · Reduced Hair Loss: For people suffering from hair loss or baldness, henna also inhibits this from happening. The traditional mixture is putting henna juice or oil into curds and then mixing this into your hair, as this increases the efficiency of the treatment.

· Improved Nail Quality: People often forget about maintaining healthy nails, but the cuticles and space under the nails are prime locations for infection and bacterial presence; therefore, treating your nails with henna is a wise choice. [3] Drinking the water in which leaves have been steeped helps prevent nails from cracking and reduce inflammation. Applying a poultice directly to the nail beds can clear up irritation, pain, and infection in the nail beds.

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Most varieties of henna are perfectly safe and non-toxic, but black henna does have some allergenic potential, as evidenced by skin rashes and internal discomfort by some users. Also, hair dyes that claim to be henna-based occasionally contain other chemicals that those with sensitive skin may not appreciate, so read the labels carefully. Before adding any new herbal remedy to your routine, it is best to check with your medical practitioner or an herbalist.

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