Examples Body Languages And Their Meanings

Body Language

Body language is a vital part of the whole communication process. It can determine either a positive or negative
reaction from the one you are talking to. Body may have been called the building blocks of communication, but it’s what you don’t say that can speak volumes about you in a matter of seconds.

Body Language

Positive Body Language :-

  1. Strong, firm handshake Confidence, security
  2. Leaning forward, eye contact, hand gestures: Sincerity,
    confidence, interest
  3. Natural tone, volume, pitch and pace of voice: Secure,
  4. Eye contact: Openness and honesty
  5. Altering facial expressions to match what is said (smiling
    when being friendly, etc.): Secure self-esteem


Negative Body Language

  1. Leaning back and looking down: Lack of confidence, aloof
  2. Limp, weak handshake: Nervousness
  3. Leaning in too close: Could be threatening
  4. Weak, soft voice: Nervousness
  5. Dropping head and looking down: Untrustworthy


Body language may come from any part of the body: eyes , lips, arms, and any other part that the receiver of the message sees. It is important to be aware of the different body actions that you do while conversing  to avoid unnecessary and even unpleasant reactions. Here are some examples on body language and the ways your body parts can manifest themselves.



 the position and movement of your eyebrows are some of the most noticed elements when you communicate with a person face-to-face. The eyes are said to be the windows to our soul. Though it may sound too cryptic and deep, it holds a bit of truth that the person you are talking to may see some of the thoughts that you are holding back.


Here are some examples on body language of the lips. A retracted lower lip that is almost bit by the upper teeth

is usually a sign that the person is holding back and waiting for affirmation or action from the other person.
On the other hand, a retracted upper lip that’s bit by the lower teeth usually signifies a person who’s holding back
and keeping mixed reactions, as with a reaction to the message being conveyed by the other.

Lips Another body part that is usually interpreted for the probable mood of a person is the mouth.


Examples on body language may be corrected with appropriate gestures by practicing and internalizing how you would probably feel if you were the one seeing those actions you are doing. Actions often speak louder than words, so it’s best to always be conscious of your gestures and movements.


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