How can I use Pinterest to promote my online store?

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One way you could use Pinterest to promote your online store is through Influencer Marketing.

If the goal is to increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, communicate marketing offers and boost conversion, what better way to promote your store than by having popular Pinterest influencers share your products with their massive networks?

How does it work?

Think of Influencers as amplifiers for your brand. Influencers already have their followers’ attention, making them a crucial part of content distribution strategies.
With influencer marketing, companies can launch campaigns that will invariably reach larger audiences than they could all on their own.

According to a 2015 Nielsen survey, 66% of consumers trust recommendations from online influencers because they have a deeper, more intimate connection with them.

The right influencers are the best solution for attracting new customers, driving traffic to your online platforms and increasing your sales.

Imagine thirty relevant Pinterest users with 50,000 followers each post about your product. By the end of your campaign, over a million consumers will have seen your product!

(Note: Depending on your needs, sometimes engaging middle influencers is more effective than the top 5% and likewise, other brands find the most success with micro-influencers (those possesses a small yet dedicated following.)

Added bonus: You save staff time and effort with influencer campaigns. Skip the painstaking process of trying to amass thousands of followers and talk to the audiences that are already out there.

So how do you set up a successful Influencer campaign?

Create a list of relevant influencers who matter to your business.
Offer them product samples in exchange for positive engagement (ex. A post, review, endorsement, shoutout, coupon, contest, giveaway – think anything linking back to your store and promoting your brand.)
Measure your ROI and repeat.

The most delicate step in this process is identifying the right influencers. How do you actually find influencers, let alone those that are relevant to your brand? How do you know which ones will deliver the metrics you want? Should you shoot for micro or macro, or the power middle? Furthermore, once you’ve identified the
influencers you want, how do you engage them?

We developed a professional influencer search tool that allows you to identify and contact your influencers at scale, so you can launch an IM campaign in less than 15 minutes. Here’s an example of a quick search for Pinterest Influencers in Fashion/Clothing who have more than 10,000 followers.

If you run an e-commerce business you might want to offer influencers the opportunity to test more than one product or promote different products at the same time. Scaled technology like this really expedites the process.

Doing it manually is always an option, though! If your company has the necessary resources (staff + time) you can look for users with large followings and contact them directly. After you’ve found influencers you like, you can contact them with mass-email tools such as YAMM and manage feedback with spreadsheets.

In any case, Influencer Marketing is a great way brands can leverage their stores on Pinterest with minimal effort. But if you want to see for yourself, just book a free, customized demo here.

Hope this helps!

PS. If you tell us what the store sells I can give you more exact insights into the influencers you should primarily focus on 😉

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