How did learn such accurate and fluent English in a short span of time?

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Everybody knows that Kangana Ranaut left her home at the age 16 to become an independent woman. Eventually, after completing her theater in Delhi, she moved to Mumbai to do modelling on suggestions. I wonder even now how a 16-year-old kid moved out of her home at that tender age with so much courage and confidence to earn a living in this hectic world.

She was a girl who wanted to create her own identity despite her family pressure. Director Anurag basu gave her first break in Bollywood with the film Gangster, and she eventually won the FILMFARE AWARD for BEST FEMALE DEBUTANT in that year. Journey into the film industry was not a bed of roses for her,

she was judged a lot because she couldn’t speak English. She also mentioned that “so many actresses are going well despite knowing Hindi and I was deprived in Bollywood for not speaking English’’ and everybody made fun of her including Karan johar,Aditya chopra …who give work for her now after she went to super stardom.

Well! why I am narrating the life history of Kangana ranuat?

Yes there is a reason, after some humiliation and all, she decided to learn English by appointing a tutor and also practiced like everyone by reading and taking care of her pronunciation ,accent etc., She knew a little bit of English when she moved to Mumbai and improved it further by learning and reading. After all, she is also
human, nothing comes without any effort.

So practice as much as you can.Strong grit and determination is required for learning language and you need little bit of patience too because it takes years to become near to perfect as it is a language. You can speak fluently by practicing just for months, but there is always a scope for improvement that’s why I said it takes years to perfect any language. Even though you appoint a tutor, it’s all about your effort and work for learning.


Now I am gonna add a picture of her even though it is not necessary because I want my answer to be read by many people. Also please let me know any grammatical errors I made while writing because I am also someone who is learning English.


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English is not god. We took it so seriously. Yes, we Indians only!

I am a Business Development Executive, who works on International business sourcing. I work in UK (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden & Netherlands) & US.

I will share you case here:

When I connect any person who is interested in the services of my company from any of these countries, I set up a meeting with him. And, you won’t believe, I called up
& I told the receptionist that “I had set a meeting with Mr. X at this time & I want to have a quick word with him. Can you transfer my call please?” And, she with
complete efforts let me understood that: “No” “English” “No speak” “English” “German no?”| I too did same: “Mr.X” “English”?| She “No Mr.X English”.

And, once I did call the receptionist did same. She explained “Only 1 person in the company knows English & they need translator to speak with me!”. So, native
language is the best, not English. Respect what you own, not what you don’t have.

And, to answer this question, if she has such confidence & courage to learn everything. So, she got what she deserved. 🙂


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learning English doesn’t require you to have the IQ of a rocket scientist. If you hire a tutor, and watch enough English films, and hear songs, you will eventually
pick it up in no time. Plus this girl Kangna, wanted to make a point, she must’ve taken sincere effort. Also she always had the content, just that she couldn’t speak
English. I think she’s one of the smartest actresses’. Not necessarily truthful, but certainly the smartest.

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