What is the meaning of Hanuman Chalisa – 2

What is the meaning of Hanuman Chalisa

Continuing from “Sankadik Brahmadi Munisa,” here is the meaning of the remaining verses of the Hanuman Chalisa:

  1. Narad Sarad sahit Aheesa – Even the divine sage Narada and Saraswati (goddess of knowledge) are with you, Oh Lord Hanuman
  2. Jam Kuber Digpal Jahan te – Even the God of Death, Kuber (god of wealth), and the guardians of the directions are within your control
  3. Kavi kovid kahi sake kahan te – The greatest poets and scholars cannot fully describe your greatness
  4. Tum upkar Sugrivahin keenha – You helped Sugriva in his time of need
  5. Ram milaye rajpad deenha – And Lord Rama rewarded him with the throne
  6. Tumharo mantra Vibhishan mana – Even Vibhishana (Ravana’s brother) accepted your advice
  7. Lankeshwar Bhaye Sub jag jana – And the whole world knows that you defeated the King of Lanka (Ravana)
  8. Yuga sahasra yojan par Bhanu – You can travel millions of miles in the blink of an eye
  9. Lelyo tahi madhur phal janu – And you brought back the sweet fruit from the faraway land for Lord Rama to eat
  10. Prabhu mudrika meli mukh mahee – You placed Lord Rama’s ring in your mouth as a sign of your devotion
  11. Jaladhi langhi gaye achraj nahee – You crossed the ocean without any difficulty
  12. Durgam kaaj jagat ke jete – You can accomplish any difficult task in the world
  13. Sugam anugrah tumhre tete – Your grace makes everything easy
  14. Ram duare tum rakhvare – You are the protector of the door to Lord Rama’s palace
  15. Hot na agya binu paisare – No one can enter without your permission
  16. Sab sukh lahai tumhari sarna – Taking refuge in you brings all happiness and prosperity
  17. Tum rakshak kahu ko dar na – With you as our protector, we have nothing to fear
  18. Aapan tej samharo aapei – You can control your own radiance
  19. Teenon lok hank te kaapei – And the three worlds tremble at your roar
  20. Bhoot pishach Nikat nahi aavei – No ghosts or evil spirits can come near you
  21. Mahavir jab naam sunavei – When the name of the great warrior Hanuman is chanted
  22. Nase rog harai sab peera – All diseases and afflictions are eradicated
  23. Japat nirantar Hanumat beera – Constantly chanting the name of Hanuman
  24. Sankat se Hanuman chudavei – You liberate us from all troubles
  25. Man Karam Vachan dyan jo lavai – Whoever meditates on you with heart, deeds, and words
  26. Sab par Ram tapasvee raja – They all become like the devoted Lord Rama and the kings who renounce the world
  27. Tin ke kaj sakal Tum saja – You take care of all their tasks
  28. Aur manorath jo koi lavai – And you fulfil their other desires
  29. Soi amit jeevan phal pavai – They attain the limitless fruit of eternal life
  30. Charon Yug partap tumhara – Your glory is known throughout the ages
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