Ugadi Festival

Ugadi or Ugadi is celebrated in the joy of the new year. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Deccan states. It is believed that Brahma, who created this massacre, he started making this universe on this day. This day is also considered as the beginning of Telugu and Kannada New Year. This festival is celebrated famously in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana in India.

Ugadi Festival
Ugadi Festival

On the first half moon day of Chaitra month, the Festival of Ugadi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. This day comes between March and April every year.

At the time of this festival, the arrival of spring is good and festive colors are always seen everywhere. In the trees, new leaves look beautiful, waving and celebrating the festival of Ugga shows the heart of people.

This is a very important festival of Andhra Pradesh. On this day people clean their homes and surroundings well and put mangoes in the entrance to their homes.

In Manipur, his day is celebrated in the name of Sajibu Cheraiba. Sajibu means that there are 6 such factors which complete one year. However the enthusiasm of this festival is seen as much as it is. On this day all Manipuri people wake up from morning worship. On this day, women cook food with new rice, vegetables and flowers and fruits and lend them to Linghoutu Sannamahi and Leimarala Imma Siddi.

In other states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telengana, this day is traditionally celebrated by Ugadi as Ugadi.

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