Free movie and TV shows now during the rail travel ..


Now you will not have to bore while Free Movie traveling on rail. Indian Railways is going to do such a thing for the first time so that you will get a very good atmosphere of entertainment during the journey of rail travel. You will be able to demand Hindi and English songs, e-paper, games and educational content along with TV serials, movies, children’s shows, songs, regional songs during the rail journey.


Actually, the railway ministry, in an effort to increase the income from non-hireable items, is working towards providing recreational material on the demand of passengers on railway stations or on the railway stations.


In the deficit, the Railways are going to start entertainment facilities for the passengers in trains to increase their earnings so that more and more people travel in trains. In trains, people will be able to watch TV serials, movies, children’s shows, residual shows, songs, games and e-paper.

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