Amazon World Heart Day Quiz Answers: Participate And Win Apple Watch (1 Winner)


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Amazon World Heart Day Quiz Details:
1) Prize: Win An Apple Watch
2) Date: 22nd Sep To 3rd Oct 2020
3) Winner Wil Be Announced On 30th Oct 2020
4) Total Winner: 1

Amazon World Heart Day Quiz Answers –
Q1: On December 3, 1967, 53-Year-Old Louis Washkansky Received The First ____ Transplant. Fill In The Blank.
Answer 1: Heart

Q2: How Many Chambers Are There In A Human Heart?
Answer 2: 4

Q3: Which Part Of The Heart Gets Its Name From The Latin Word For ‘Belly’?
Answer 3: Ventricle

Q4: Which Of These Hashtags Is Being Promoted By The World Heart Federation In Observance Of World Heart Day 2020?
Answer 4: #UseHeart

Q5: The Idea Of World Heart Day Was Conceived By Antoni Bayés De Luna, Who Was The President Of Which Organization From 1997-99?
Answer 5: World Heart Federation


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