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Amazon Redmi Note 9 Pro Quiz Answers
Question 1 – Which of these firsts occurred during the final of the Men’s Singles at the 2020 US Open?

Answer 1 – Final decided by 5th set tie break
Question 2 – In the upcoming ‘Batman’ movie starring Robert Pattinson in the lead role, what role earlier played by Anne Hathaway is Zoe Kravitz playing?

Answer 2 – Selina Kyle
Question 3 – 22nd September is observed as World Rose Day, dedicated to the welfare of patients suffering from what disease?

Answer 3 – Cancer
Question 4 – A famous festival in Nagaland is known as the ______ Festival. The blank is the same as the name of this bird. Which bird?

Answer 4 – Hornbill
Question 5 – What is this famous landmark in Belgium called? The structure might give you a clue to its name

Answer 5 – Atomium

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