Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 6th July 2020 | Win ₹15000 Pay Balance

Amazon Quiz Today Answers Daily 8-12 Answers

Amazon Quiz Today- Answers Of ₹15000 Quiz

Amazon Quiz Today Answers Daily

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 6th July 2020 | Win ₹15000 Pay Balance

Question 1. In which state would you find the KINFRA Defence Park, the country’s first defense industrial park in the public sector?

Answer 1 is – Kerala

Question 2. The Stegodon, whose fossil has recently been found 50km north of Saharanpur, is an extinct relative of which of these animals?

Answer 2 is – Elephant

Question 3. A small scale African miner Saniniu Lazer, recently became a millionaire, after selling two rough stones.

Answer 3 is – Tanzanite

Question 4. Which weightlifter, recently cleared of her doping charges, is set to receive the Arjuna Award, that has been on hold since 2018?

Answer 4 is – K. Sanjita Chanu

Question 5. Whose 39th studio album is ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways‘, released on June 19, 2020, through Columbia Records?

Answer 5 is – Bob Dylan

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