Amazon Made In India Quiz – Win ₹10000 Pay Balance

Amazon Made In India Quiz – How To Play This Quiz?
1. First Of All Just Login Into Amazon Account

2. Now Just Click On Search bar & Search For Word “Quiz”

3. On Next Page, You Will See FunZone Banner – Just Click On That. There Will Be Amazon Daily Quiz & Amazon Made In India Quiz Will Be There.

4. Now Click On “Amazon Made In India” Quiz Banner & Click On Start Quiz Button

5. Now Select Answers According To Below Posted Solved Answers

Amazon Made In India Quiz Answers – All Solved Answers

Question 1 – The ______ store on showcases products from Indian brands and made by Indians. Which store are we talking about?

Answer 1 is – Made in India store

Question 2 – When was Swadeshi movement started?

Answer 2 is – 1905

Question 3 – Which of the below is the unique program on, that showcases differentiated products from emerging Indian brands on Amazon?

Answer 3 is – Amazon Launchpad

Question 4 – Which of the following is a brand you would find in Amazon Launchpad, which features a vast collection of Ayuredic products and natural foods.

Answer 4 is – Kapiva

Question 5 – The word Ayurveda derived from AYU and VEDA. AYU means _____ & VEDA means science or knowledge. Fill in the blanks.

Answer 5 is – Life

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