Some Advice To Learn New Things & Happyness in Life

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This Advice Is Going To blew Your Mind
This Advice Is Going To blew Your Mind
First :-

I have passed through this period. So I believe that these are some best
advice to teen from my side.I am not a well-known person but I am a person who is living his life in his
own circumstances in spite facing lots of challenges in life.

  1. I personally believe that we should listen to everyone but we should follow  our heart.
  2. Follow early to bed and early to rise.
  3. Always make a good company, avoid those friends who like to smoke,
    alcohol and like to tease girls and women on roads.
  4. Make a friendship with one holy book whether it’s Bhagwad Gita, Guru
    Granth Sahib, Quraan, Holy Bible etc.. Because these books help you a lot
    in living a peaceful and quality life.
  5. Sit some hours with your elders like your grandfather, grandmother, father
    and mother to learn some life lessons.
  6. Don’t follow others. For example, if Sharmaji son gets a new bicycle on
    scoring 90% marks in the annual examination. Don’t force your parents to
    do same.
  7. Believe in yourself and always take care of your parents financial status.
    Play and play a lot of games like cricket, football, volleyball, and even
    Kabbadi also. Swimming is also good exercise and hobby.
  8. Make one good friend who is lower in your status because he/she can help
    you a lot on your bad days.
  9. Grow your skills. for example, learn to program, hardware and networking,
    communication skills(very important).
  10. Always follow the principle of one good famous personalities like APJ
    Abdul Kalam. Read their books you will come to know about his life
  11. Keep tracking of your expenses.
  12. Always be polite to everyone.
  13. Never compromise with your health and hobbies.
  14. These are some advice which helps you a lot leading a peaceful and happy
  15. I hope you all like it.
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This Advice Is Going To blew Your Mind
Second :-
This Advice Is Going To blew Your Mind
This Advice Is Going To blew Your Mind

> Stop going to Justin Bieber concert (in Mumbai) and spend your(or your
parents) 40k Rs just to see him doing lips sync. Do you really have no better
way to spend 40k Rs?

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> Deactivate your Facebook account and read some damn good books!
Spending time with books is 100 times better than wasting the time on
Facebook. Just deactivate it for a week and see the new you yourself!

> Start going to gym. It provides you with many advantages, like you get fitter,
you feel more energised, it reduces your belly fat (just stand in front of the
mirror and check … oh you too have belly fat!!!), you may get an girlfriend.

> Start studying , stop going with your friends and wasting quality time in
college. After all you will regret you should have studied harder and not
wasted time.

> It’s OK if you don’t have any girlfriend. After all 98% people in India get
married in Arranged way. I am counting those people too who found their
love in their girlfriend, boyfriend.

> Stop following the damn herd. Stop drinking tea, drink coffee otherwise.
Caffeine increases quickness of brain. Start serving your guests Coffee
instead of Tea.

> Stop watching thosr p0®n sites. It never did good to anyone. It harmed 100
times more than it did good.

> Stop smoking and drinking unless you want to contribute India in reducing

> WWE is not real. Undertaker is NOT a dead man and he never had 10 lives!

Enough for the day folks. Let me sleep, just don’t disturb!! 🙂


Third :-

Be truthful to yourself
You can lie as much as you want to others and escape the consequences, but
the worst thing that you can do is lie to yourself. Don’t deny the obvious
truth about yourself, just because it makes you uncomfortable.

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2. Don’t underestimate yourself
Don’t get depressed on hearing that the youngest CEO is just 12 years old,
the new football sensation is 17 years old, I am 18 and still don’t know what
to do. You are just a teenager who is exploring everything. While these child
prodigies may have been doing great stuff, you have explored a lot of things
which will definitely help you in your life.

3. Don’t go for something just because your friends are going for it
This is particularly for all those people who are going for engineering just
because your best friend is going for it. Yes, you may not be mature enough
right now to know that I want to pursue this field for sure, but don’t go for it
just because your friend is doing it. Have some individuality and ask
yourself is it something I really want.

4. Learn to say NO
If you don’t want to do something, learn to say NO. You may lose
something, but in the long run it is better for you.

5. Pursue a hobby
It may be as simple as reading a magazine, but do develop one which gives
you joy when you think about it. It will definitely help you evolve as a

6. Have an open mind
Do not have an opinion on something, just because the NEWS channel says
so or because your friend says so. The world is changing constantly and your
principles and honesty will keep you steady. Have empathy for others.

7. Explore
Run, Sleep, Shout, do whatever that gives you joy, but don’t keep yourself
confined within a bubble. At the same know the limits of everything you do
and keep yourself within it. You may feel “I don’t care for this limit”, but in
the long run you will regret it.

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8. Talk to your parents
This is an age where you may feel to proud to talk to your parents, but
believe me talking to them helps a lot. Share your experiences, failures etc
with them. It will make you realize I have someone standing beside me in
this unpredictable life.

9. Dream
Dream as much as you want, but don’t forget about them later in your life.

10. Facebook isn’t everything
You may temporarily feel bliss when you get 100 likes on your new profile
picture, but it dosen’t change a bit of you as a person. Facebook like is all
showy and specious, real life has the real thrills.



Fourth :-
  • Do not look at Sharma ji’s son or Gupta ji’s daughter while making a career
    choice. Stick to yours.
  • Run at least 2km everyday. Engage in some physical activity on a daily basis.
    Learn 2 new words each day. It will do wonders to your vocabulary.
    Start saving for trips and travel.
  • If you’re feeling low about something, try eating a bar of chocolate. It helps.
    Do not spend more than 8 hours a day studying. (even before the most
    crucial exams)
  • If you tell your career goals to someone and that person straightaway tells
    you that it’s very difficult or impossible to achieve, then please know that
    you must AVOID THAT PERSON.
  • Baking a cake/cookies is really, really emotionally rewarding. Each one of
    us should try baking!
  • If an elder person is wrong, correct him/ her politely. There’s no harm in
  • If you really love social networking, spend more time on Quora than on

ager apko is article mai kuch help chaiye ya kuch ap apni tips dena chahate
hai to ap comment kar sakte hai.


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