10 Tips – For Preparing Interview

10 tips for preparing for interviews


Interview Question(Puzzles)

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Interview Puzzles
Interview Puzzles


In today’s era, most companies take private or public interviews. Some companies take written exams before the interview and some interviews take place without a written examination. In fact, the interview is in a way a test, in which a suitable candidate is sought for that job. Her abilities are tested and it is also examined that whether the candidate is suitable for that job or not, whether he will do that job correctly or not, how beneficial it is to the company, how it works What is his character, his confidence level is so much, etc.?

Therefore, in order to leave your influence in the interview and to show yourself the most suitable for that job, you should prepare the interviews in a planned manner.

Some people feel nervous in the name of the interview. Some are so scared during the interview that even after getting the answers to the questions asked, they can not answer them. Nervousness during the interview, I am telling you some tips to avoid fear. Here I am telling you 10 tips to prepare well for the interview. Read them carefully and follow them.

1. Make Resume Effective

Usually, your bio-data is the basis of the interview. Most questions are asked in your interview from your resume. Therefore, make your resume effective. Your resume should be more precise, brief and more pronounced in short words. Your resume should have more work and important information. Do not write spoilers or increase your résumé. Your resume should not contain spelling mistakes. Your resume should not be more than two pages. Your resume should include your personal details, Objective, Experience, Education details, Strength, Hobbies, Achievements and your contact details. Whatever information you give in your resume, give accurate and true. Do not give the wrong information at all and before going to the interview, read and understand your resume properly so that you can give the right and effective answers to any question related to your resume.

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2. Do not lose confidence

Have any kind of interview, do not let your confidence diminish. Always be positive. Make your confidence level strong. Trust yourself. Prove yourself that among so many people you have been selected for an interview. If you go to interview with good preparation then you will definitely succeed and if you are not successful in an interview due to any reason, then you will know the reason of your failure and will know your shortcomings and you will get a new experience, Make yourself fully prepared for the future. So do not lose your confidence.

3. Remove the fear

It is true that those who take interviews written more than you, are more qualified than you, but it is also true that they are the same person as you. So throw away all kinds of fear from your mind. If two things go wrong from your mouth or you do not answer one of two questions, then there is no need to fear, because not one of the two interview questions, but the answer to your answer, your confidence and you How much information is there in your area, you assess yourself with all this. Just keep your preparations well and keep the full information in your area.

Interview Question(Puzzles)

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4. Practice Interview

Practice an interview with your friends or with your siblings at home or with someone else who you feel comfortable with. For this, make a list of questions in your resume and interview, keep it with you and give interviews to one or two people by making an interviewer. Then, where you can not answer the questions or give an interview, analyze where you have been wrong, analyze them seriously and remove those shortcomings. Practice as much interview as possible.

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5. Get advice from experienced people

Ask your senior, teacher or people who have interviewed and have been successful. Like – how is the interview taken, what kind of questions are asked in the interview, how are they answered, how to prepare for the interview etc.

6. Watch videos related to interviews

Watch videos related to the job you are going to give an interview. You can get help from Google or YouTube for this. In these videos, you can see the entire process of interviews, how the interviewers ask questions and how their answers are given. This will help you a lot.

Interview Question(Puzzles)

Download App – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.puzzles.top_interview_que

7. Research about the related company

Find out the information about the company in which you are going to give interviews and internet from that company’s website. Because the related questions are also asked in the interview and it also presents you as a serious and responsible candidate. So, find out the full details of what the company works, Product, Services, Manpower, Mission, Vision, Growth, Competitors, Turnover, etc. of the company.

8. Keep your document complete

Before going to the interview, complete all your necessary documents such as Academic Certificates, Diploma or Degree Certificates, Address Certificates, Biodata, Reference Letter, Cover Letter etc. in their original copy file or folder. And take an additional photocopy set of them apart. You must also have a pen and a diary or notebook.

Interview Question(Puzzles)

Download App – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.puzzles.top_interview_que

9. Arrive before time

Never be littered in the interview. Because of being late in the interview, your non-responsibility is revealed. Reaching the interview for 10 or 15 minutes before the scheduled time but not even before 30 minutes. Read the place of interview thoroughly and make sure to know about the place like – where is that place, what is the means of reaching it, how long does it take to reach there? It would be good if you go to see the place one day before and understand the road so that you do not lie on the day of the interview.

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10. Get Well Dress Up

A good dress does not only increase your confidence level but also leaves a special effect on the interviewer. Being well dressed, your responsibilities are realized. So wearing clothing that suits your job and position and you look professional. Do not wear more designers, glamorous clothes or jeans in the interview.

Male candidates can wear a dark business suit and if you are going to give an interview for the first time, you can wear the entire shirt of the tie. White or light plaid colour shirts and black pants and black shoes are considered to be more good. Your hairstyle should be simple and attractive, the face should be shaved, nails should be cut, and good perfume with fine fragrance or deo should be used.

Female Candidate can wear a light coloured suit or sari or also can wear a white shirt and Trouser. Do not wear high heels sandals, do not wear more jewellery and makeup should be light and beauty-enhancing. Make hair well and do not use too heavy perfume or deo.

So do not make friends, interviews. Follow the tips given above and prepare well. Take a lot of sleep on the first night from the interview and go without any fear and self-confidence.


The job interview is considered one of the most useful tools for evaluating potential employees. It also demands significant resources from the employer, yet has been demonstrated to be notoriously unreliable in identifying the optimal person for the job. An interview also allows the candidate to assess the corporate culture and demands of the job.

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