How to Make a Tilde on an “N” in Spanish on a Keyboard

n Spanish, a tilde atop the letter “n” forms a separate letter – eñe (“ñ”). If your business produces documents in Spanish or delivers Spanish presentations, you may need to use the letter eñe to type such common words as “mañana,” “año,” “campaña” or “Español.” Several English words with Spanish origins, such as “piñata,”
“jalapeño” and “piña colada,” also use the letter.

1. Place your cursor at the point in your document where you want to inert the eñe.

2. Press your keyboard’s “Num Lock” key to turn on Number Lock.

3. Press and hold the “Alt” key.

4. Type “165” on your keyboard’s numeric keypad to add a capital eñe (“Ñ”) or “164” to add a lowercase eñe (“ñ”).

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