Can you solve this? If one orange and one apple cost 2 rupees, how much two oranges
and three apples do cost?

How can Ram be behind his wife, when she is behind him?

131. What would you do if you find a fire station burning?

132. What would you do if you find a fire station burning where there is no nearby fire

133. On which side of the cat is the greater fur (hair) contained?

134. What is that you can hold it only with your right hand, but not with your left?

135. A man walked down a lonely country lane with no streetlights. There was no moon.
He was dressed all in black. Suddenly he heard a speeding car turned towards him from
the side lane. The car did not have its headlights on. There was no foot-path or room for
him to step out of the way and avoid being struck by the car. But yet, the driver of the car

screeched to a halt just in time in fraction of a second. How did the driver see?
136. I want to pluck a mango from the tree. A peacock is sitting just by the side of the fruit.
How can I get the same fruit without disturbing the bird?

137. I inserted seven doughnuts to a rope and tied the two ends of it. I wanted to eat a
doughnut without cutting the rope or breaking doughnut. How?

138. In a running race, if you overtake the person running second, where (which position)
would you be?

139. If you overtake the last… then where would you be?

140. A dog is tied to a 10 meters long rope. A bone is 15 meters away. The dog got the
bone. How?

141. Price of an article goes up by 10% and after one year comes down by 10%. When is
the price at a lower level? Before raise or after the fall or equal to original?

142. Are you adventure oriented? In a time machine you can go to future or past and
return to exactly the same spot in space, after one hour. Would you try if it comes free of

143. Here is an interesting question based on maths and physics. The TV news says that
the present day’s temperature in Kashmir is 0 degrees Celsius and it would be twice colder
the next day. What would be the temperature the next day?

144. If I show you a painting and say, ‘His father is my father’s son’, who is he to me, if I
have no brothers? Is it me or my son or my father or my grand father?

145. This question is to test your high quality logical perception. You are at a three-road
junction and confused which one leads to your destination Rampur. You find two brothers
standing there and you know that one is ‘always’ a liar and the other is always a truthteller.
But don’t know who is a liar and who is a truth-teller. Can you find your route by
asking just ‘only one’ of them ‘only one question’. How you can?

146. Here is a more complicated question. Three men are standing at a three road
junction. You’re not sure either to turn left or right to reach your destination. One of these
men tells always the truth, one always lies and the third tells either the truth or lie. Each of
the three men knows each other, but you don’t know who is who. If you can ask only one
of these men (chosen at random, since you don’t know which man is who) only one yes/no
question, what question would you ‘frame’ to determine the correct road?

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147. Test your quick reflexes. While trekking through a remote jungle I was captured by
cannibals. The chief told me, “You may now speak your last words. If your statement is
true, we will burn to kill you in flames. If your statement is false, we will boil to kill you in
oil”. I thought for a moment, and made my statement. Perplexed, the clever cannibal chief
realised he could do nothing but let me go. What did I tell them?

148. The following problem was posed at an M. N. C interview. You are shown three
boxes with labels that contain respectively oranges, apples and a mixture of both of them.
You were told that all labels were wrongly pasted on the boxes. You are asked to close your
eyes and put your hand into any box of your choice and blindly take one fruit. You can now
open your eyes, see the fruit in your hands. You are asked to re-paste the labels correctly.
Can you? If so how?

149. This is a question on your capacity to shift your paradigm. A doctor and his (own) son
met with a car accident. The doctor’s hand was broken. The son is rushed to the hospital
with a brain injury. In the operation theatre, the surgeon sees the boy and says, “I can’t
operate on this boy, he is my own son!” How can this be?
150. When compared to the previous question, this is more complicated and tests your
capacity to think beyond normal limitations. A doctor, his wife and their own son were
going in a car and met with an accident. The doctor broke his hands, other had a head
injury, but the mother escaped. Outside the operation theatre, the mother was weeping,
and inside the neurosurgeon says, “I can’t operate. He is my own son!” How can this be?


151. In a bank robbery, A, B and C are suspected robbers. A says B is guilty, B says C is
guilty and C says A is guilty. Who is/are the real culprit(s) if all are telling lies?

152. In a bank robbery, A, B and C are the suspects. A says B is guilty. B says C is guilty. C
says B is guilty. If two people are telling the truth, who is/are guilty?

153. In a bank robbery, among A, B and C, one is a sure culprit. A says B is guilty. B says A
is guilty. C says A is guilty. If nobody is telling the truth who is/are guilty?

154. In a bank robbery, A, B and C are the suspects. A says he is not guilty. B says he is not
guilty. C says, “B is guilty”. Who is the real culprit, if only one among them is telling the

155. This is a question to challenge your lateral thinking. Suppose you are going in a deep
forest on a stormy night. It is totally dark and you have to travel further three hours to
reach the nearby town. You have only one seat in your car. You noticed 3 people underneath a
tree. One is a doctor, who took you in his vehicle to the hospital, gave his blood and saved
your life when you were a kid. The other is a 90-year-old lady suffering from asthma
requiring immediate hospitalization. The third one is your dream girl/boy to meet whom
you would bargain anything. This is the opportunity for which you are dreaming since
long. Whom do you take in your car? Around 87% prefer to take the old lady and are called
sentimentalists. Approximately 22% prefer to give lift to the doctor. They are realists. 1%
are the materialists who of-course prefers to go with their dream person. What do you do?

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156. “What is today?” I asked. “If tomorrow is yesterday, today is Saturday” he replied.
What is today?

157. A flock of sheep was going down on a narrow highway. There was a huge hillock on
the left side, and a deep valley on the right. A torrent river was violently flowing down the
valley. As the Sheppard was steering his herd, a truck came from behind blowing the horn.
The young driver was in a rush to take his ailing mother to the hospital. He urged the
Sheppard to move the sheep aside, so that he could pass through. The Sheppard declined
to do so, fearing that the crammed sheep dreaded by the horrifying sound of the truck,
might panic and fall down into the overflowing waters. The boy explained the situation.
But there was no other way except to follow the sheep slowly from behind till the road
widens, which would take another half an hour. The condition of the ailing mother was
deteriorating. Sensing the severity of the situation, the Sheppard was struck by an idea.
What was the idea?

158. A king wanted more warriors in his country. He proposed to increase the
population of male compared to female. Hitherto it was 1:1. He set down a law that
required every couple to continue having male children until they had their first female
baby and then to stop having children further. Excellent idea. First: Male baby? Continue
for another. Second male? Congratulations. Third female? Stop. The family has now two
males and one female. If your first baby is female, you cannot take risk of another baby, as
there is a possibility for the second one also being a female. The idea of the king appears to
be logical. After two generations what would have happened? How much would have been
the growth of males compared to females? Double? Triple?

159. Three soldiers have to cross a river. There is a boat and two children who can row it
and are willing to take the soldiers with them to the other side. But the problem is that the
boat can bear the weight of two children or only one soldier. Along with the soldier, even if
one child steps on, it would sink. One of the soldiers is intelligent and with his idea, all the
three went to the other side of the river and safely handed over the boat to the children.
What is the idea?

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160. During an examination, a medico was asked to identify a femur that he recognised as
a human thigh bone. “How many of them do you have?” was the next question. The
student replied, “Two”. The examiner passed him and failed another student, who said
“Three”. He also failed two female students who said “four” and “Five” respectively. All the
three students appealed to higher ups and won the case after explaining their reasons.
What may be their reasons?

161. I wrote this story when I was 18 years old. This was my first story and was published
in a children magazine ‘Chandamama’. Solve this riddle: Unable to find any food or
charity, a beggar prayed God, “O God! Give me something. I promise to offer you half of
what I get today.” Amazingly he found a purse containing two hundred rupees. He was in
high spirits and spent everything. From next day his inner conscious started warning him
about God’s punishment. Day by day his agony and fear increased. Then one night he had
an idea and implemented it. Without paying a single pie to the God, he relieved from his
tension. What might have been the idea?

162. A lady listened to the continuous ringing of phone bell while reading a newspaper,
but does not bother to rise from the chair. Tell at least five reasons. The reasons may be
humorous or even stupid also, but this riddle is to test your caliber as to how fast can you
think of various probabilities.

163. I married an ugly, poor and unhealthy person. Pleased by my act, an angel offered
only one of the three to my spouse: Beauty, Money or Health. What should I take?

164. Happy with my answer for the above question, after giving health the angel wants to
make my spouse beautiful, but only for 8 hours a day. Which time should I prefer?
Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Night?

165. Why did a perfectly healthy office-going girl put a full plaster cast on her arm when it
was not injured in any way? Give at least four reasons.

166. A person wanted to purchase a talking bird, went to an auction and expected the
price to be thousand rupees. But the bid went up to ten thousand. There were no other
competitors. Still, the bid rose to such a huge amount. What would have happened?

167. A person demonstrates a fake note manufacturing machine. He inserts a white paper
into a printing machine and a perfect thousand rupee note comes out from the other side.
The buyer also personally inserts a paper and gets another note. Both the notes are
scrutinized by Reserve Bank officials and certified them as the original. The buyer purchases
the machine for one million rupees and later finds out that he has been cheated. How?

168. Fill the stars with numbers from 1 to 12, using every number only once. The total of 4
stars connected by lines should be 26.

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