Do you know what the numbers written on the train box mean?

the numbers written on the train box mean?


All of us know that our country is the largest Train/railway network in the Asia-Pacific region. Indian Railways was nationalized in 1951 and we all know that along
with being such a big and gigantic railway network, many coaches or bogis in the Indian train always meet one behind each other and these bogies There are some
points written above, after all these numbers written on the coach, what do we tell them, you will never have thought about it.

Know what the numbers on the Indian Railways coach mean?

The railway coach mainly consists of 4, 5 or 6 digit numbers, out of which two numbers begin to indicate the year of construction l, for example 8239 which
means built in 1982, 07052, which means built in 2007. , Or 97132 which means the coach built in 1997.

the numbers written on the train box mean?

Lets know about the last three numbers in detail.

001-025: AC first class. (NER), some coaches or coach of the year 2000/2001

026-050: 1ac + AC-2T (Composite 1AC + AC-2T)

051-100: AC-2T i.e. ac 2 tier

101-150: AC-3T i.e. ac 3 tier

151-200: CC ie (AC Chair Car) CC (AC Chair Car)


201-400: i.e. SL (second class sleeper) SL (2nd class sleeper)

401-600: GS (General Second Class) GS (General 2nd class)

601-700: 2S (Second Class City / Jan Century Chair Car) 2S (2nd class sitting / Jan Shatabdi chair cars)

701-800: Seating cum Luggage Rake

801+: Pantry Car, VPU, RMS Mail Coach, Generator Car etc ..


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