German Alphabet

German Alphabet





German Word (With translation)

A Ah Arm (arm)
B Beh Baby (baby)
C Tseh Celsius (celsius)
D Deh Debatte (debate)
E Eh Eskimo (eskimo)
F Eff Familie (family)
G Geh Gold (gold)
H Hah Haus (house)
I Ih Idee (idea)
J Yott Januar (january)
K Kah Kaffee (coffee)
L Ell Lampe (lamp)
M Emm Mutter (mother)
N Enn Nase (nose)
O Oh Ozean (ocean)
P Peh Pause (pause)
Q Kuh Quiz (quiz)
R Err Regen (rain)
S Ess Salami (salami)
T Teh Telefon (telephone)
U Uh Uhr (clock)
V Fau Vater (father)
W Veh Wilkommen (welcome)
X Iks X-Beine (knock-knees)
Y Ypsilon Yoga (yoga)
Z Tzett Zombie (zombie)

Extra Letters

Umlaut Approximate English Sound German Example
Ä cat Mädchen (girl)
Ä cat Käse (cheese)
Ö turn Öffnung (opening)
Ö turn schön (nice)
Ü Jerusalem fünf (five)
Ü Jerusalem Tür (door)


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