What Is The Difference Between LAN, WAN, MAN, CAN, VPN, BAN, NAN, SAN?

computer network ek interconnection hota hai jese(like- LAN)  laptops, routers, switches, servers, etc. wired or wireless
ki help se means. hum inko define ya differentiate in network ko kar sakte hai by their reach, i.e., geographical area. For example, hamare pass local area network hai, wide area network, personal area network, metropolitan area
network, near-me network, etc.

Internet Network
Internet Network

jab kabi ap connection use karte hai, kahi bi jese home WiFi or the office Ethernet, to tum part hote ho some computer network ke .
computer network include kar sakte hai device jese routers, hubs, switches, end-user devices, repeaters, network cards, etc. ye sari devices arranged ki jaa sakti hai various network topologies jarurat ke hisab se.hum classify kar sakte hai computer network ko inke different types depending on the size and area cover ke anusar. most common computer network yai hai jese LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN, etc.

What is a Local Area Network


LAN ek from hoti hai computer
network ki and iski jankari bi
public ko jyda hoti hai kyu ki ye
market mai bahoot use hoti hai.
iski reach ek limit tak hoti hai.
is wajhe se hum typically use
karte hai Ethernet technology(IEEE
802.3) power dene ke liye local
area networks ko.

Home Area Network (HAN)


ek trhe ka local area network hi
Home Area Network (HAN).
All the device like
smartphone,computers, loT deviecs.
Televisions, gaming consoles, etc.
connect rehti hai ek central
router (wired or wireless) jo ki
Home Area Network (HAN) kehlata

What is a Wireless LAN (WLAN)?


is trhe ke computer network
wireless counterpart hote hai of
teh local area network.
ye use karti hai wifi technology
jo ki define hoti hai as per the
IEEE 802.11 standards. if you are
the one jo sochta hai WiFi and
WLAN are same thing, to tumhe need
hai tumhare confudion ko dur karne
ki. dono bilkul alag hote hai.
WiFi use hota hai ek wireless
local area network ko create karne

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What is a Personal Area Network


name ki trhe hai ye, ek Personal
Area Network ji ki intended hua
hai personal use ke liye within a
range of a few ten meters. Mainly,
ye technology used ki jati hai
Personal Area Network jo ki
wireless hoti hai. ek notable
example of WPAN jo ki bluetooth
technology, mostely found on
portable device like smartphones,
laptops , tablets, wearables, etc.
Other PAN technologies are Zigbee,
Wireless USB, etc.

What is a Campus Area Network

ek esa network infrastructure jo
ki cover karta hai school,
university, or a corporate
premises jo ki campus Area network
kehlata hai.
ye comprise karta hai several LANs
ko, ek central firewall, and
internet se connected rehta hai
using a leades line.

What is a Metropolitan Area
Network (MAN)?

ek area jo covered hota hai ek MAN
ke jariye ko ki qute larger hota
hai in comparison to a LAN and
CAN. in fact, a MAN can be used to
link several LANs across ek city
ke or ek metro area ke.
tum jante hi hoge ko ki various
city-wide wifi networks in
different parts of the world.

What is a Wide Area Network (WAN)?


hum sochte hai ki WAN superset hai
unka jo sabi small network milte
hai hamre gharo mai,offices,
cities, states, and countries.
router or modem jo ki placed hota
hai hamre ghar mai jo ki used hota
hai WAN se connect karne ke liye.
ek internet bi type hota hai WAN
ka jo ki spans hota hai across the
entire earth.
Various technologies like ADSL, 4G
LTE, Fiber optic, cable, etc. jo
ki use ati hai internet se connect
karne ke liye.

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What is a Storage Area Network

ye Generally, external storage
devices ko connect to servers
karke use ati hai. jo ki believe
karti hai ki ye storage se
directly attached hoti hai. is
technology ko hum Fiber Channel ke
name se bi jante hai.

Some other types of networks based
on their reach

What is a Body Area Network (BAN)?


tum ek body area network create
kar sakte ho by using wearable
devices like smartwatches,,
fitness bands, biometric RFID
implants, and medical devices jo
ki place hoti hai inside the body
like pacemakers. wireless BAN
primary form hota hai used to
create such network. jo ki define
hota hai as per the IEEE 802.15.6
standard which describes ek choti
range, extremely low power
wireless communication within or
in a vicinity of the human body.

Wireles BAN jo ki sath kam karti
hai with PAN technologies.

What is a Near-me Network (NAN)?


hame ye name kuch un suna sa lagta
hai, hum use karte hai Roz Near-me
network.jese yad karo ki facebook
pe chatting karte ho apne friends
se while all of you same room mai
baithe ho. tum part hote ho ek NAN
jese ki ek msg traverse karta hai
facebook servers pe internet ke
jariye jo ki apke samne baith hai.
ager logical jaye to dono device
ek sort of network per judi hai.

What is a Virtual Private Network

VPN ek type hota hai computer
network ka jiska koi physical
existence nai hota. ye device ek
VPN ka part hota hai jo ki present
rehta hai anywhere on the earth,
connected rehta hai internet ke
VPNs use hote hai by corporates to
interconnect their offices in different places and give their remote employees access to company’s resource.
isko hum Enterprise private network bi bol sakte hai or a physical network jo ki organizations banati hai apne offices ko link karne ke liye.

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