corporate life

This is the story of every single employee in the world, country, state, city, and place.

What you Think about corporate life and what you think

Corporate life
Corporate life
Corporate life
Corporate life
Don’t think

this is actually true about our corporate life and working every employee

Who am I?

I am an Employee…..

I start at 6.30 to begin at 8.30…..

Take a share cab at 7.30 to save 30 (Rs)

Breakfast on my desk at 9.30 to save 30 (min)……

Lunch in 10 (min) to save 30 (min)……

Try to manage my work in time to leave at 5.30……but it’s 7.30…….

Get back to home via a shared auto and DTC bus in 30 (Rs)…..

Reach home by 8.30…….

Dinner by 9.30………

Sleep by 10.30……

I tell myself at 11.30…..please sleep…..u have to start at 6.30…..

Who am I?

Am I an employee?

What you think and this is actually true

What is a IT Corporate Life?

1. I learnt to operate 3 critical machines

* Scanner

* Printer

* Xerox Machine

2. I learnt to use 3 High End Software:

* Microsoft Word

* Microsoft Excel

* Microsoft PowerPoint

3. I learnt to use 3 great short cuts:-

* Ctrl+C

* Ctrl+V

* Ctrl+S

4. I learnt to say three very important words for professional life:-

* Yes sir

* Ok sir.

* I’ll Just Do That sir

5. When I really wanted to quit, I learnt to: –

* Wake Up early

* Sleep late

* Continue to Work

6. I learnt to: –

* Face Monday

* Fight For next 5 Days

* Wait For Sunday

7. I learnt to give reasons to family, friends and relatives for not making

* Phone Calls

* Messages

* Mails

8. I learnt to celebrate these things far away from loved ones:-

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* Birthday

* New Year

* Festivals

9. At the end, People say:-

* You Learnt…

* You Earned…

* You Enjoyed…

10. But when I compare me with my self…

* I just Sustained…

* I just Tolerated…

* I just Survived… for bucks

11. I have survived:-

* For the convenience of my Family…

* To avoid blame of Society…

* To get a tag of Employment…

Dedicated to all IT employees.

Just think and comment and share what you think about corporate.


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