It is felt at unknown places that it has come before, what is the reason behind it?

Even in the dual part of the busy life, we often feel like suddenly that I have come here earlier, this place is looking very familiar to me and this feeling was very effective with me, but never me It was not understood why my mind is finally giving me a different feeling like this.When the thought came to this point then thought and came to know that all this realization was not an illusion, bulk Dja was Woo.

unknown fact come
unknown fact come

The word Deja Vu is from the French language. This word means ‘seen before’. In Daeja Woo, you feel that what is happening in the present or whatever you are feeling has also happened before. This feeling is so impressive at times that our mind is unable to understand the situation, whether it has happened in the past or at the same time.

Is this a disease?

‘Dja wu’ is not involved in any kind of mental illness. It is believed that at the age of 15 to 25, the possibility of having Dja wu is very high. Many psychologists and scientists have tried to understand the mystery of Daeja Woo, but in most cases, the scientists have failed. The effect of this is often so much more effective that people have linked it to brain disease. The specific thing is that many researchers have come up with unique principles about Daeja Wu’s mysterious concept.
Daeja Woo is behind the hand of dreams-

Dasha Wu ‘is behind our dreams. Actually, before we sleep, things are going on in our mind in many ways, many of these things turn out to be in your dreams. If you wake up in the morning only if you wake up with only the blurry memories of this dream and you face the things related to that dream in a personal life, then you may feel like Daja Wu in your daily time. For example you saw in the dream That you are going somewhere to roam Since this is a normal part of our daily routine, our brain stores it as memories. Later, in the real life, there is something like this happening to us, we feel that all this has seen somewhere before and the confusion begins to rise.

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Memories of come previous births?

In today’s world, many people are such that you still believe in revival. It is believed that we are born new after death, and when our new birth is born, then we forget about all our previous births. But there are many exceptions to this. For example, many people remember all the things of their previous birth. Those who believe in previous birth say that in our new life, our brain keeps some memories of past birth. In such a way, when we see or feel anything related to previous birth, we have Dja wu.

Dia Woo’s Predatory Principle-

This theory is actually one of Dja Wu’s most complex principles. Usually, Daeja Woo decreases a small accident for us, which we forget too soon. But in principle, Dja Wu is not an ordinary incident but a very important part of our life. If you believe this principle, then Dja Wu is not a dream but a reality. Actually time is a hoax, one type of alternative consciousness, we have given time for our struggle and this effort has been made to make life easier. Daeja Wu rescues us from this trick. Ghosts, futures, present we all live together Therefore, it seems like it has happened somewhere even before the appearance of Dja wu.
On the next page, look at the reality of Daeja Woo:

Recollections of Reality-

In the coming days of Dja Wu, our brain goes into two types of memories and focuses on it. One, those we already know about, that is, what we have seen anywhere before. Like a friend, a place where we go often. The second is what we have not seen before, but we feel like seeing it, as it has happened before. In the first case, the brain gives us the correct information because we have seen that thing before and its memories are in our brain. But in the second situation it does not happen because in it our mind makes that thing feel and then remembers it, whereas in reality we have no memory, neither do we have to remember.
Parallel Universe-

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The theory of the parallel universe has been in the discussion for a long time. Scientists from experts are believed that there are so many believers in space, on which basis every kind of life goes on. According to the way in our universe, life will be running differently in other world accordingly. But of course, according to every Brahmin, there is a difference in time. Those who believe in this principle, they say that Daeja Wu is what we feel, because at that time our line of other universe and time passes through each other. For this reason, the incident in the other universe, he sees us as Daeja Woo. Many experts consider this theory to be close to Daeja Woo’s mystery, but scientists have no definitive evidence.

The unconscious brain itself is responsible for Daeja Woo-

One experiment, named Grant et al, has shown that some memories are also imprisoned in our unconscious mind, which can be exposed again. It is believed that if any environment is to be rebuilt in the same way as ever before, memories can be refreshed. As an example, if you go to some place repeatedly, your unconscious mind will make memories of that place and if you ever go to any such place, then the unconscious mind revives those memories and then You would have felt that you have come here before.

Meditation partition theory-

Its principle is similar to the unconscious mind. According to this principle, both conscious and unconscious mind work together. In this situation, we realize Dja wu. In this theory, unconscious mind has been realizing that this thing has already been done. Whereas unconscious mind refuses to accept this mind. Due to this, the possibility of Dja wu starts, and we get confused in this mindset that whatever we are seeing, has happened before us or not.

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