50 Most Usefull Website List


Some Most Usefull Website.  internet pe hazaro sites banti hai ar na jane kitni band hoti hai. lekin kuch websites esi hai jo hamri lifestyle ko acha banti hai ar hamre zarurat ke anusar use ati hai. iske alawa kuch esi websites bi hoti hai jinse kuch achi knowledge milti hai.


1 – Screenshotmachine.com – Take Full page screenshots of websites.

2- Resizeimage.net – Resize and optimize images without losing quality.

3- Findicons.com – Search and download Free icons.

4- Cooltext.com -A great website to create cool logos, buttons without watermarks.

5- Quora.com – Get the best answer to any question.

6- Ideamarket.com – Get an awesome Idea to become an entrepreneur.

7- Edx.org – Free online courses from the world best universities and colleges.

8- Go2convert.com – Convert your images into More than 200  formats

9- Wordnik.com – World’s biggest online English dictionary, by number of words

10- Drugs.com – Find out information about drugs, side effects, related health information and more.

11- Stolencamerafinder.com – Find your stolen camera by searching for photos on the web that have been taken by that camera.

12- Getpocket.com – Save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment.

13- Tineye.com – A great website to discover duplicate images(of your website).

14- Pipl.com – Find people by their names.

15- Tunein.com – Listen to 100,000+ live radio stations worldwide.

16- Keyboardtester.com – Find out not working keys in your keyboard.

17- Pricegrabber.com – Get the lowest prices on various products.

18- Dailyfreebooks.com – Download latest kindle EBooks for free.

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19 -Cometdocs.com – Lets you convert documents into 50 different types.

20- Gifsoup.com – Create free GIFs from YouTube videos.

21- Asoftmurmur.com – Visit when you stressed and need to be relaxed.

22 -Image-maps.com – Helps to create your own image maps.

23- Passpack.com – Password manager tool.

24- Paperrater.com – Fine tool for grammar checking.

25- Filemail.com – Helps Transfer large files up to 30 GB.

26- Serps.com – Tracks your website’s search engine ranking status.

27- unfurlr.com – What’s behind that short link before you click it?

28- lovelycharts.com – Create professional diagrams like flowcharts.

29- ggtimer.com – Need a timer?

30- rasterbator.net – Make a printable poster out of any image.

31- homestyler.com/designer – Design your dream home online.

32- hostgator.in – this is indian site and you buy The hosting and domain name for your website.

33- ninite.com – this site for free software download

34 – goo.gl – this is for url sortner website.

35 – untiny.me – this is for sorten url to orignal url convert.

36 – Wikipedia.or- wikipedia use for information.

37 – imdb.com –  with imdb website you search related movie news and Actor and actress latest update.

38 – Lifehacker.com – lifehacker is award-winning website  related to lifestyle artical.

39 – 123Recipes.net – this is recipes website to make the awesome food recipes.

40 -Neofriends.com –  website to make new friends

41 – imo.im/register – Facebook, Skype, Google and more all in one place.

42 – kleki.com – Create paintings and sketches in your browser.

43 – similarsites.com – Find sites similar to the ones you like.

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44 – bubbl.us – Brainstorm ideas in your browser.

45 – pipl.com – You can Google someone but this is way better.

46 – gamejolt.com – Indie games. Some can be downloaded, some use Unity, some are browser based.

47 – majorgeeks.com – Download the top 1% of freeware and shareware plus news, tutorials, reviews and computer help.

48 – memrise.com – Learn vocabulary, languages, history, science, trivia and more.

49 – urbandictionary.com – Current list of internet slang.

50 – flightstats.com – Live flight tracking app for PC, iOS and Android.

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