10 easy ways to care for curly hair

10 easy ways to care for curly hair

Caring for Curly Hair is a bit difficult to take, because curly hair is also dry and rough. To keep hair soft and healthy, you have to work extra. 10 Easy Ways To Make Your Curly Hair Easily Soft & Healthy You must also try out 10 easy ways to care for curly hair.

10 easy ways to care for curly hair:

1) If your hair is curly and ruff, then do not shampoo more than 2 days in a week, otherwise your hair will become stiff and lifeless.

2) Keep conditioner in the hair after shampooing every time to maintain hair moisture.

3) Use shampoo and conditioner made especially for curly hair.

4) Do not use thin tooth comb. Curly hair is a fine tooth comb.

5) Avoid too much use of styling products.

6) Instead of rubbing wet hair with towels, lightly press them. Also let hair dry with a natural way.

7) Make sure to have hair trim every 3 months to maintain hair length.

8) Troubleshooted curly hair with fingers or with a thick tooth comb. Do not use brushes by mistake. It can break hair.

9) To prevent hair breakdown, make a silk or satin scarf while sleeping.

10) Do not tighten the top of the pouch while sleeping, because the hair can be broken by stretching.

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