See this 14-year-old student made awesome drone for the army.

Harshavardhana is merely a teenager of 14 years of age who has created a wonderful drone. In the Vibrant Summit, Harsh Vardhan surprised everyone with his presentation; he has created a drone for which he signed a deal worth Rs. 5 crore with the government. Due to such a great work at such a young age, it is in great discussion.

14-year-old student made awesome drone

Did you come by the idea?

This idea came to Harshavardhana when he saw Cenico screaming because of land mines on the news channel. Then he came to know about it constantly and there is no safe method for this.


5 lakhs spent.

So far, Harshavardhana has spent five lakhs on this drone samples, for the first two drones, his parents spent two lakhs, while for the third sample state government sanctioned Rs. 3 lakhs.

The specialty of the drones?

14-year-old student made awesome drone

This drone has a mechanical shutter camera, which is 21 megapixel lens, which has RGB sensor, thermal sensor and infrared sensor. The drone will take HD pictures and send the wave in 8 square meters and find out the land mines and will deactivate them.

14-year-old student made awesome drone



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