Why Sales simply one of the best careers out there.

I think sales is quite simply one of the best careers out there. Yes it can be stressful, yes it is full of challenges, but when done right it is hugely rewarding.

1. It’s close to being like you’re running your own business. You manage your own customer base, what you do each day and every action affects how much you earn.

2. It builds your confidence. You may have to phone total strangers or present in front of people so sales will take your confidence to the next level.

3. There’s a lot of variety. You could be sat at desk phoning people one day then traveling around into meetings the next. Some sales people get to travel the world.

4. You get to help people. You get to find solutions to their problems, save people money or save people time.

5. You can make a lot of money! The more you sell the more you make, sales is a job that can earn you a lot of money.
6. It’s really rewarding. Not only do you make money but the feeling of getting a sale after your hard work is hugely rewarding.

7. It’s competitive. You may be competing with your team or just competing against your own results from the previous month, but competition is fun and a real driver for hard work.  If you work in sales what do you love about it?

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