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First 16 questions are to be responded quickly, say within 5 seconds. Don’t use paper and
pen. A better option is to request somebody to question you, and you reply as quickly as

1. There are 6 oranges in a basket and you have taken two from it. How many will remain
with you?
2. There are 6 oranges in a basket. If I take 3 and give one to my friend from it, how many
will be there in the basket?
3. There are 6 oranges in a basket. If I take 3 and give one to my friend from them, how
many will be there in the basket?
4. If one orange and two apples cost 5 rupees, and one apple and two oranges cost 4
rupees, then how much does two oranges and one apple cost?
5. Can you solve the question? If one orange and one apple cost one rupee, how much
two apples and two oranges cost?
6. Answer these questions purely in arithmetic sense. If two cats can kill two rats in two
minutes, how much time will it take for one cat to kill one rat?
7. If two cats can kill two rats in two minutes, how much time will it take for one thousand
cats to kill one thousand rats?
8. If two cats can kill two rats in two minutes, how much time will it take for one cat to kill
two rats?


9. If 8 people eat 8 kilos of rice in 8 days, how many kilos 2 people eat in 2 days?
10. If 4 persons eat 4 kilos of rice in 4 days, how many kilos does a person eat in 1 day?
11. Add 40 to 1000. Then add another 1000. Now add 30, and another 1000. Now add 20
to it. And add another 1000. Now add 10. What is the total?
12.The total cost of a sari and a blouse is 11/-. The cost of the sari is 10/- more than the
blouse. What is the cost of the blouse?
13.Divide 20 by half (1/2) and add 10. What is the total?


14. How many birthdays have you celebrated so far?
15. Lava celebrated his birthday, but his twin brother Kusa, who was born a few hours
later… had not celebrated on that day or even next day. Why?

16. Today Kusa celebrated his birthday; his twin brother Lav would celebrate his birthday
day after tomorrow. Lava and Kusa are twins, born with six hours difference. How could
this be possible?

17. Here is a more complicated question compared to the above two. Six hours after
Krishna’s birth, his mother gave birth to his younger sister Subha. Next year Subha
celebrated her birthday and after one day her elder brother Krishna celebrated it. How?
How can an older brother celebrate his birthday one day after his younger sister? Don’t go
With the logical medical argument that the baby who comes out first into the world from the
mother’s womb is the junior, as the child, still in the womb is conceived first and hence the
senior. We expect more logical answer than that. The concept of leap year does not arise
here. Give two alternatives.

18. Ram is twice as old as Krishna will be when Kamala is as old as Ram is now. Who is
the oldest and youngest among the three?

19. Two days ago I was 8 and next year I will be 11. How is it possible?


20. There are some chickens and rabbits in a cage. The count is 72 heads and 200 feet.
How many are the chickens and rabbits?

21. The following question was asked in 2006 group selections, If you were a candidate,
what answer would you have given to this question: “What is the name of our present
Prime Minister in 1984?” Manmohan Singh/ Indira Gandhi/ Mahatma Gandhi.
22. Name the daughter of the mother in law of the Father of the nation?

23. What is the last thing you lift up before going to Bed?
24. A beggar’s elder brother died. But the dead has no beggar as his younger brother.
25. How many ‘F’s are there in the following sentence: “Finished files are fine fruits of
years of scientific deep study combined with the experience of years”.
26. Do you have the habit of keeping everything new and fresh or don’t mind anything? If
somebody offers, what currency do you prefer to have: Old ten rupee note, or new One?
27. You are given a match-box and two candles of equal size, which can burn 1 hour each.
You have to measure 90 minutes with these candles (There is no scale or clock). How do
Do you?


28. Suppose you take a long ribbon and wrap it tightly around the earth at its equator. For
this, you require 40,070 km lengthy ribbon. Now you raise the ribbon from the surface of
the earth by another 1 meter. How much more ribbon you require? Remember, the ribbon
is raised not at one point on the earth but all around it equally. The diagram below will
make things clearer. Choose your answer among these three: 1) More than 1,000 Km. 2)
More than 5,000 km. 3) Less than 10 km.

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