Free courses for data scientist

There are many free online courses that can help individuals learn data science and become a data scientist.

Some popular options include:

  1. Introduction to Data Science in Python from the University of Michigan on Coursera.
  2. Data Science Essentials from Microsoft on edX.
  3. Data Science Methodology from IBM on Coursera.
  4. Data Science Tools from the University of Washington on Coursera.
  5. Data Science Methodology by IBM on Coursera
  6. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng on Coursera
  7. Data Science Introduction by DataCamp
  8. Data Analysis with Python by IBM on Coursera
  9. Data Science Specialization by John Hopkins University on Coursera
  10. Data Science by Harvard on edX
  11. These courses often include video lectures, quizzes, and hands-on projects, and are taught by experienced industry professionals and academics.
  12. They can be a great way to gain a solid foundation in data science and decide if it’s the right career for you.Please note that some of them may require basic knowledge of programming, statistics and mathematics
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